Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Triplet Day 3

Yesterday was Ihop for breakfast, playtime at Wanda's fancy house where I've been staying since Sunday, and we left to go to my house to play with Shelby. Poor Shelby was happy to play with the kids but after an hour or so of them chasing her around making her do tricks and trying to carry her she looked exhausted and sad hahaha.. She gave me looks that said "who are these monsters and where did you get them". Esp when they tried to get her on a skateboard.

We then went to the baseball game, the kids where ball magnets. Faul balls rained over us. It is scary because they come fast and they are hard! The man behind us caught 4 balls, and the O's actually won!

I got a new phone! This time I got a phone with not much functions, it only makes calls, texts and takes pictures. No web, touchscreen, gps, no internet, no unneccesary shit. Because I am really simple like that, I only make calls and text. I also deleted half of the contacts and numbers there that made no sense to keep.

I miss my man!

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