Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuck in the tub!

The triplets and I are in the basement, they sleep here, it's a kids paradise with all toys and a tv with x-box and guitar hero, a fort, a movie theater, a snack refridgerator and their own bathroom/shower.
No wonder they love to come to MD every now and then.
We've had a busy day with a library trip, pool for a few hours ( I got like run over by a bus being in this heat) Maggie Moo's and a mall trip.
The basement looks like a bomb went off but my body is tired and I see the nuggets have fell asleep already. I am growing an acceptans for things being like they are. We will clean tomorrow.

I took a shower earlier today, but decided to make it a bath instead.. This is the crazy part, I couldn't get up! I am 8 months preggo but feel pretty ok. I just couldn't get up, I was sliding around like a seal in butter and even if I got a ahold of something my body would just slide around and I couldn't get balance enough to get myself up! I had locked the door obviously so no one could have come to help me either.

I would have never thought that a belly and loss of abdomnial muscles would make one so handicapped.If you cant lift your upper body up to a sitting postition, and your legs doesn't bend the same angles anymore you should not get in a tub.

Like a little fattie I rocked myself til I turned around and could get out of the tub, shaking and holding  to everything I could, just like you see very old people move around, shaky and with a firm grip, one step at a time. Gosh I felt so very embarassed and humble after that.

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