Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I spoke to my mom the other day, she says "I read in a magazine that this Baltomare has very much fat people, it is listed as the 6th city of obese people"
Then she is all quiet and I am waiting for something else, is this her statement, is this a question or is there more?
"Ok, yeah, I don't doubt it" I say.
"Why is it like that"
"I guess the fastfood, poor people eat fast food, and I love burgers myself you know, they're everywhere"
Now she's quiet for a bit, then:
"Growing boys that eat lots of McDonalds develop breast, like on women"

I would not let this discussion continue so I asked her about the eather back home instead.. Isn't the weather topic great sometimes? No matter who or where, you can always ask about the weather.

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