Monday, March 8, 2010

I went to Costco and you know how it is.. they have these food stations every where, where you can try a small sample of whatever they are promoting.. Today was yogurt, juice, cheese, crackers, nuts, and pirogies.
The old lady said "Honey, have a pirogie!" And I am a now whore for food, I can ensure, everything edible is of biggest interest unless it gives me nausea. If anyone makes enemies with mr now but brings a peace offer in form of food, I will happily forgive them. I will maybe even cry a little bit. So of course I grabbed this pirogie, don't ask me twice, and as I took a bite of it the hot boiling cheese burned my mouth so bad I have red spots on my tongue now. It's burning and I feel my heartbeat there! Damnit! I am sucking on ice cubes right now. Just letting you know, because you always want to know these things.

Also, Walmart has some really cute jewelry. Check them out. Earings, necklaces and bracelets with slices of colored stones. Hippie style. All for 7 bucks each. Looks good with a bikini!

Oh and I shopped this last week, it's really for Chris tho.

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