Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guys, feel a little sad for me.
This is the worst pregnancy-day so far. I am so sick just thinking about something bad makes me gag. The food comes up to my mouth. No food is appealing but I HAVE TO EAT or I feel even worse. I don't get it? It was suppose to get better now? If this continues and worsens for 9 months I am jumping off a bridge. Ok alittle too dramatic but today is not a good day.

I have to pee twice and hour, sometimes every 20 minutes.

How's your day?

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  1. I hope you feel better!!! I have never been pregnant and I can't imagine what its like, but it is difficult I'm sure. When I'm feeling sick to my stomach sometimes I just have to think completely different thoughts, just so I don't focus on the weird feeling.

    I hope your day has gotten better! Have a great rest of the week! (and ps. thank you for the comment you left me, you're so nice!!)