Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Halfway thru the week.

On Friday week 12 starts and that is kind of like entering the safety zone, changes for a misscarriage decreases, and this feels good.

I am driving Chris' car today, he's got my bug, and hopefully he can see what is wrong with it. It gives me all kinds of error messages here and there, about oil being low, communication issues and such.. never a german car in the states again I say! No!

It's been a very good comfy car but thes elittle issues makes me nervous, esp when driving in to a pothole last year ended up costing about 3K, well, that was with new rims. So I am driving Chris' tank, it feels safe and big, but I can't be as quick and spontanious changing lanes in the Baltimore traffic, where I usually zic-zac between the lanes that are moving fastest.

But oh no! What is this?? Outer Banks is back to haunt us!

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