Monday, March 8, 2010

Does anyone know who this lady is? She pulled a Kanye West, I think stuff like that is so embarassing! It was his moment! A once in a life t ime thing! Don't they have security for these things? I would have punched her with the Oscar.

If you missed it here is the youtube video:


  1. Wow - I said the EXACT same thing as you: she just pulled a Kanye West! I have no idea who this lady was, but she looked like a fool, and everyone else was probably thinking that. Whoever won the award, poor guy.

    Anyway ...I really like your blog! I am glad I found it!

  2. Imagine you spend years and tears in making this movie. It is finally done and everything is in place. It is a success, you get nominated, prepare this speach where you thank God, your wife, children, co-workers, other people.. and then a lady pops up out of nowhere and ruins your 40 seconds! I don;t know this director or her but I am really upset with her! Whoever she is!

  3. Its the co-producer!!!! She should have probably been up there with him in the first place, but I think he said she hadn't been involved with the movie in quite some time. Craziness though!!!