Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 3 Update

Tonight is the Budapest Fashion Week finale. Jon and Stu are the best for going there with me. They really have no interest whatsoever to see fashion I bet, so I really appreciate their company.
It starts at 7.30 tonight. there is also a Axe Instinct Party going on but we are not going to that.

I am sitting in this gigantic window chatting and drinking tea again, it's funny to people watch Hungarians.
One thing they have in common is their boots. Every chick has long boots on, most guys also.
My UGG boots are not "in style" here as they are at home so they get some looks.

The first night Stu Jon and I were walking back to the hotel after dinner and 2 prostitutes followed us.. I gave them a look bc I got annoyed after a while and they were going to beat me up. Lovely.
Lots of prostitutes and hookers and strip bars. Makes me sick.

Now to the Fashion Week Show.. tomorrow the real Flea/Antique market and maybe river tour.. and tomorrow i will wake up a year older.. Laters

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