Sunday, November 22, 2009

Budapest Day 4

Fashion Week was awesome! I wanted to buy all of it. Max the visa cards.
Stylish and hot. The Hungarians are just a little behind with fashion but it's all good, they like a more "all in" - look. If you got it, flaunt it type of thing. Jon and Stu were watching the show with great interest, esp when the one model walked around the cat walk with nylons, no underwear.
Pics will be posted once I get home and get to upload them.

It was a great night, but sleeping til 2 in the afternoon yesterday resulted in no sleep last night.
I also miss my Chris, it is hard to sleep alone when you are used to have a good shoulder for pillow.
I keep laying there like something is missing and I listen to all kinds of city noises and wait and wait.. then comes that anxiety.

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