Saturday, November 21, 2009

Budapest Day 3

Saturday and I feel horrible.
Last night going to bed I had my mandatory once-a-week-anxiety.
I layed there and worried about all things that can possible go wrong in life and what not.. Sometimes I even don't have anything to worry about but yet I get scared..
I laid there and finally fell asleep, dremt of scary people, airplane crashes, being stuck, going to my childhood school and trying to join a sports team and there were not enough people to build a team.

Today we might go on a boat tour on the river, depends on the weather.

Pics from the 2000 year old winecellar.

Entrance to winecellar

Co-worker Stu also tried some some wine.


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  2. Um...okay...meant - been there, done that. Would rather stay up sometimes than run thru another bad dream.

    Hope you're thru that once a week thing now and the trip's going well.