Friday, November 20, 2009

Budapest Day 2

Still no work. Thank you for your comment Ric, I am here for work tho, no hatin on me!!
We have some issues with the customs and legal things so we are held up waiting for that to clear up before we can get started..
So today we went to the Unicum Factory. Unicum is a distillery (spelling?) famous for their Jaegermaster tasting beverage. Now once we got out of the cab I smelled it in the air, that special herb tasting stuff, and remebered that sweet 6 month anniversary this summer when we got so hammered it took weeks to recover. It really triggered my gag reflex.
Jon knows the son of the owner so we got the special tour. Fancy fancy.
I got to know so much of the history behind it all, amazing, and it's still in the same family, many hundred years later, after wars, confiscations and poor times.
After the tour we got to taste some sweet white wine and unicum of course.. I had to skip mine thanks to the sweet anniversary memories.

After that we walked around the Market Hall. Food, crafts, linens.. all that stuff.
Just like Helsinki. This city reminds me so much of Helsinki where my grandma lives. Being in a European big city makes me miss my home city Stockholm soooo much. The old buildings, the history, the castles, the small alleys, coffee shops in basements with arched seilings, markets, church towers and their clocks to nagivate and find out time by.. they go DINNNNGGG DONNNGGG.

The Market Hall.

There's a whole lot of drinking and smoking going on.. even in restaurants! YUCK!
The weather is ok, yesterday was sunny and bright, today was foggy and chilly.
Headed back to the hotel now, no da Rosa online so I am going to take a bath, watch some Brittish "telly" and fall asleep.
6 hours ahead so I wish you all a Good Night!

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  1. Thank you so much for putting the extra time into this post! I'm a travelling novice in Europe so your stuff and pics are sooooo interesting!
    Jaegermeister...I think it may be responsible all by itself...for keeping me from drinking more than a few sips of anything - haha. To date: it was the only time I was close to getting sick from drinking, and...the only time I felt drunk. I'm not a drinker...

    You're so good...thanks a bunch!