Thursday, November 19, 2009

Budapest Day 1

We are here!
4 hours delay in Frankfurt, another one in Budapest customs.
Arrive at the hotel, my room is an apartment for royalty. FANCY!
We went out for dinner and then back home, (oh it's the three of us, Stu, Jon and myself) and I took a long bath, watched Brittish news and fell asleep in between the 30 pillows and my favorite red t-shirt with Pop Eye that smells so good.
Woke up from the hotel phone ringing and someone asking for Jon.. I have no idea where I am, what time it is since the fancy fancy golden royal curtains block the sunlight. It could be morning or midnight.
I wander around, feeling so tired and my body tells me it is like 4 am. I need more sleep.
I look out and the city is in it's full business, cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, rush rush.. It's 10 in the morning!
Up and get ready..

Our stuff is still at the customs at the airport so we can't work much.. We toured the city today (Jon lived here for 10 months) we saw the castle and went to an ancient wine-cellar and had a bottle of a nice wine.
i have taken lots of pictures but for now there's nowhere to upload them.

I miss my bed (even tho the royal fancy bed is indeed very fancy.
I miss the da Rosa man.

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  1. Wonderful, amazing, dreamy...

    The life of a princess you must have! Y'all keep having fun and thank you for thinking of we poor slobs living our simple lives of study or work.

    Post, post, post and we live thru you...a little bit!