Thursday, August 20, 2009

Organized and GOOD

We had a power outtage at work again, it came on at 2 or so, and everyone went home.. I stopped by the mall and browsed around and did my daily excercise and ran into to Biggie and Asa. They were about to see a movie so we walked around a bit before I went home to the pool..
Layed there by the pool for a half and hour (hardly no people there today?) and then home to do laundry and cleaning.. yes yes I am superwoman..
I have cleaned the closet, sorted out lots of clothes I like but really dont use. I will take care of that stuff and make sure it gets to good will.
Some stuff still has pricetags on.. I don't know why that is.. But the awesomeness of this is that I did find stuff I LIKE and didn't know I had! So I have some things now I am looking forward wearing! It's like BINGO.
I am however not looking forward to the move-part.. Well I want to move but I don't like the putting everything in boxes, losing/breaking/missing/unpacking/not finding/carry heavy stuff deal. All these things came up 3 staircases.. at least they are going down this time.

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