Friday, August 21, 2009


It's Friday, it's nice out, and a few more hours and I get to go home.. Then - A week on the beach with my American family :)

Today's outfit I made on poly! Beach style!

That damn car is broken again, did I say? The turnsignlas/markers/blinkers whatver you call them are not working, neither is the stick that you use to turn on the turnsignals.. It's like stuck. And the turnsignals are on the side mirrors, so I guess they need to be taken off or something, good thing is, my car can go in for fixing while we are at the beach.. then I'll get it back that Monday after coming home.


  1. Hush hush away with financial crises: Time to get a new car. Something more a Volvo or Saab (mmhmm, yea they're doing SO well right now. did you hear).

    Something more SWEDISH :)

  2. Oh, and loooove them shoes w the YELLOW heels!