Thursday, August 20, 2009

What an interesting Day

It's 1.30 at night almost and I'm awake. Today was a good day in many ways. The best thing is that Chris got a job in MD, like I knew he would. We have to go home shopping now, this is great, we have been commuting for 6 months, Bmore ~ Buffalo. It has been different to be in a long distance relationship, it's like being together 24/7 on the weekends, then all alone Mon-Fri, talking on the phone, emailing and facebooking. Chris and I did it good, however my "missing him" emotions got overhand at times, he delt with things better and but we stuck to the plan of September. He always deals with things better, strong and confident. We did it!! We beat the odds! This is happy happy. Living together obviously bring another type of stress, but living so far away has made me long for those things so bad so I will appreciate seing that face every day even more. If things continue going good December brings more good news. I have let these things in the hands of God now, and we will just hope for the best. Good news are awesome. I wish ALL OF YOU good news, about whatever you guys are hoping/dreaming/wishing for. Have a very good night.

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