Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Up All Night!

Baby Belli got sick last night and threw up several times. Every time I cleaned and changed her and myself she threw up again, alot. It was hard to find a dry spot in the bed to sleep on, I was too tired to change the bed linens at 3 am.
So today is laundry day and she is a little sleepy and low-key. Feeling warm but not feverish. After Papa left for work we took a bath together in the big tub and changed to new clothes and changed the bed! What a relief and she has been ok today! She smiled for her papa today when he kissed her and that made my heart melt!
Don't forget Mulberry designed for Target this month, only a few bags available, some  stores and the online store is sold out already! A Mulberry bag for a Target price, awesome!

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