Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh Friday I love youuu

Fridays are the best, they are the start of a weekend. Like when you are about to take the first bite of a pudding.

Chris' uncle Bob is coming to visit.

I am hoping to clean my car.

I am going to have a long breakfast tomorrow morning with coffee, eggs and facebook.

Here is Manel's new header:


  1. I looove your little simile here; the start of the weekend is like when you are about to take the first bite of a pudding! You couldn't have said it better. Hope your Saturday morning is pleasant with your coffee, FB, and eggs :) I will be working from 9am-12pm, ugh. It's supposed to be beautiful outside so I will be yearning for the sunshine all morning. When I get home hopefully I can catch some rays! Have a fun wknd!

  2. I LOVE IT!!

    and, I love fridays, too! :)

  3. Hope you ladies had a great weekend! I am off to read your blogs now!