Friday, August 27, 2010

First day home and I am not sure how this feels? Chris' sister Diana with 2 kids  and Chris mom Pam stopped here at our house last night, stayed over and left this morning, they are on a roadtrip to NC, to see Amy, Fernando and little Robbie, who was here last weekend!
It's great to be in the middle, this way we get frequent visitors.

I just washed the dog, with dog shampoo and people soap that smells good, but someow wet dogs just smell bad, clean or dirty. When your pour water on her she goes into a "dog coma", looking pretty much like a stuffed stiff dog with a weird look.

She has btw a facebook now and about 100 friends.

Today I also received a sleepy wrap from, another gift from Sheen at work, she gave us such nice gifts!
It's a long piece of fabric that ties around your body in different ways depending on how you want to carry the baby, you can have the baby on your back, in the front, with feet out, feet and arms in, half lying postion, up-sitting position, you can nurse in it, baby can nap in it and it is less stressful on your back and shoulders than baby carries, and it also allows baby to be closer to you.

I picked the tan one!

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