Friday, August 27, 2010

The Birthday Story

This is a bed time/birthday story I found on a blog, written by a mom who used to read this for her son every night, hope it doesn't get lost in translation! She gave me permission to copy it and change the names!

There was once a little Star who lived high above the clouds. One day it was windy and storming, and a tiny gap in the clouds opened up. The little star crept quietly forward and peeked down on the earth. High mountains, tumbling rivers, forests and an endless sea. She also saw children running, playing, and laughing. She began to feel a longing, a longing so strong. A willingness to come to earth.

Every day the star was waiting. She peered down upon the earth to see if anyone carried a longing for her in their heart. Time passed, and one day the dearest Angel of the heavens came to her. The angel took the little star by the hand and led her through gates of heaven, to the top of the rainbow. At the top of the rainbow the angel kissed her goodbye. She held on as tight as she could as she took off very fast!

When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by Mom Camilla and Dad Christopher, the people who loved her. Yes, they were the two who had been longing the most! She was the most beautiful baby they could ever imagine, that is why they gave her the name Isabella, because Isabella was the prettiest name they knew of.

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