Monday, May 3, 2010

We are officially half way thru this pregnancy! 10 more days till the sonogram.

Saturday was Rowans recital in Brooklyn Park, she performend for an entire 15 seconds!
Dinner at Bonefish Grille after that, delicious!

Yesterday, (Sunday) we went to see the Orioles beat Boston Red Sox. We got to see most of the game from the mayors box, and eat hotdogs and burgers and Chris had a few beers. Jon is friends with her.

I posted our apartment in plenty of different sites but it seems and craigslist are the best hits, but unfortunately it turns out you can post your place and send emails to people searching for a place, but to read their emails you have to sign up and pay for the service.
Tonight we'll probably have some people from craigslist come look and hopefully decide to take over our 6 month lease, so we cleaned and organized last night.

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