Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday I was troubled bc of not feeling baby, and then right around afternoon he started kicking non-stop. Still kicking. It starts when I sit still, that makes think it will be one of them babies that needs rocked and carried around to fall asleep! OOOps!
It is a very down to earth and humbling experience to feel the kicks, I love them, now at least but maybe not later, when he or she is bigger!

It is a warm and sunny day, my black car gets super hot adn the air smells so good. Sometimes I can smell fresia (don't know the name of the flower in English, maybe the same?) and it is like a short cut to childhood and the summesr at grandma's when life was less complicated.

Life is good, car issue solved, house maybe perhaps hopefully on May 10th. Rowan's recital tomorrow and maybe dinner after.

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