Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend was good, I cooke dburgers with Rowan on Friday night, Wanda, Noreen, Larry and Auntie Eileen ate with us. I got home and saw Kick-Ass with Chris, he liked it more than I did, there was blood splashing here and there and guns and guns and bazookas.
I was uncomfy sitting for a such a long time, but I loved my Sour Patch Kid candies.

On Saturday we went to see some more houses since we haven't heard back from the house we gave an offer on.. Supoosedly normal for i to take so long for a shortsale.. I don't know, I've never bought a house before. After that we came home and I got ready and let for Wand'a play night, we played Taboo, 80's DVD Trivia and had good finger food Wanda has made, she never fails with food that lady. Yumm..

I don't think I have stayed up so late in a long time so I had issues getting out  of bed on Sunday. I had a hangover even tho I was the only one who didn't drink at all!

I need a small pocket camera to take pictures with,, the big canon just doesn't get around like that..

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