Friday, April 16, 2010

"Life cannot wait" Is a book about 3 young women with cancer. It is very open, deep and asks the questions we don't dare to ask. When the author first came to contact with these 3 women, they were all newly diagnosed and hopeful about the future.
All of them lived a healthy life, one was a yoga instructor, one was a stay-at-home mom, not one of them was a smoker.

Not one them made it, Anna's funeral is today.
She is younger than myself and I would like every one to at least think about cancer. Lately, it feels like there's been an explosion. Every one knows one or more people who has or has had cancer.
My aunt, my bosses father in law, a friend's girlfriend, friends' friends, neighbours. It is coming closer and I am so very scared that it will happen to some one I care for.
I fear this disease more than anything really. I worked at ear nose and throat and had cancer patients on a daily basis, and it is depressing that we still to this day, with all the money and research, smart people and doctors, don't have a 100% cure. What is taking so long? Why is it so hard?

There ar ethings you can do, donate money, if you don't have to spare you can also donate your time, participate in events..

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