Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Petting Zoo

Random conversation in the car:

Rowan: -You know when we played in the sand when we went to the beach?
Me: -Yeah.
Rowan: -Well I don't want to this time, do you know why?
Me: -No, why?
Rowan: -I dont want to get sand in the place where you have babies.
Me: -Oh..
Rowan: -You know between the butt and belly? I have bikini's and they cover my boobies and that place but sometimes sand gets thru. I dont want to. So we must play on a towel.


Rowan: -I really need a drink.. I really need one.
Me: -We are almost home, we'll have a drink there.
Rowan:- Bu twhy can't we stop at McDonalds for a drink?
Me: Because we are closer to home than McDonalds.
Rowan: But I really need an icecream from there.
Me:- I thought you said drink?
Rowan: -Well could I have an icecream instead?

The Eiloak Petting Zoo is so cute. It's been in the Clark family for generations.
We fed goats, pigs, sheep, horses, a donkey, hens, ducks, a turkey, horses, a calf, an ostrich, we did the enchanted forest and all the stuff, Rowan stepped into a pile of mud and sank in with her feet.. Good lord what a mess on them little white skinny legs!

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