Thursday, April 8, 2010

Evil Shelby

Last night when we got home Shelby had ate what was left of Chris' chocolate Easter Bunny.
She had also chewed on some dvd cases and tried to get the trashcan again.
Chris was mad. But when she chewed on my shoes the other night he thought it wasn't such a big deal ; )

She is a very cute dog, she is wrinkly and her eyes are just adorable when they look different directions. But she really gets me upset like no other. Sometimes I get so upset with her I think I need an anger management class or something. I get furious, no one can get me so mad.
You can say this one lives of her good looks. She does bad and compensates with those round bug eyes.

She was also very hyper and wild all night after eating that chocolate, it didn't make things better.

Last night I layed on the couch and tried to look for baby with my hands on the belly.
If I tap on my belly or cough he moves. I tapped and put my hands firmly againts the side I felt the movements from and I felt a push back on my hand.. I can't say if it was his head, an elbow and a foot but it was almost unreal. Someone in my body licked me. Alien.

I tried for it again, I wanted Chris' to get a kick too but there was no more. Maybe try again tonight. It feels so real.

I got a bag of maternity clothes from Wanda (I used tobe a size zero and now i don't even want to know, I get scared to seepics of myself) and books from Sheen at work to study up on.
We have a basinett (spelling) clothes and diapers, toys, things and shoes.
We went to Babies R Us last weekend and registered.. Chris wasn't really feeling it and walked around and beeped everything he could see or anything that was really pricey. He did robot moves and acted like the beeper was a gun. At least he came with me!

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  1. This is funny...poor Chris, I am sorry that Shelby ate your chocolate bunny.But I feel even worse for you because she ate your SHOES! i would be mad too. Like, really mad.

    And by the way, don't worry about the baby weight. I WISH I could claim I was once a size zero in my life. I am almost 20 years old. I never remember being a zero, I think I jumped from kids sizes in middle school to about a size 6 in high school...