Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mom's birthday today! I miss her! I miss Sweden! I wish my love and I could go there for a few months.
She wished for a new Kichen Aid and that's what she's getting.

I got wonderful flowers sent to the office from Wanda. Pink roses, lilies and other ones I don't know the name of, she's sweet. I am spoiled with flowers by Chris and other people.

Weirdly eonugh, i am at a stage of this thing where I really don't feel anything. No kicks, no sickness, no nausea, no nothing. just a big gut and a hurting lower back. This morning I layed in the bathtub (Yup yup, I am Euro like that, bathe daily, shower are emergency solutions) wondering if I was really pregnant? I mus thave imagine sal lof it becaus eI really don't feel anything at the moment. I feel pretty good. A few months ago I was so sick I was worried the horrible nausea would stay premannently and I'd be miserable for the rest of my life. In the future I don't fear blood, pain or the birth, I mostly fear the sickness and nausea if we have another child.
They suggest starting to use a pregnancy pillow now, so you get relief for legs and arms when the belly is in the way.. I don't like those things or Mu-Mu's or horrible looking things, so I put my legs on Chris or spoon him and put one leg over him. Sometimes it can stay there but sometimes he doesn't like it and moves away in his sleep.

So how bout that volcano on Iceland huh..

Yesterday I went shopping at costco with Jon's car. Cellphone in my mouth and carkeys in my cleveage I put in all the good in the trunk, shut it and as I shut it the keys fell out and in the trunk. The car wa slocked. I called all people I thought couuld have the sparekey, the office, Wanda, Rowans nanny.. no luck, but realize, I bend down, eyeball the trunk opening and I see the key is right between the door and vehicle. Stuck. I can see the back end of it. So with my other keye i wa sable to poke the open button and the car unlocked! Fantastci what good luck in the bad luck. I always thougth stuff was safe between the boobs,  lession learned.

Chris and I gave an counter offer to the bank. We will see.

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  1. Hahaha you are funny! I am glad you got the car unlocked, that could have been an ordeal.