Thursday, April 22, 2010

I went to Aqua Fitness last night again, why do they have chairs right next to the pool? And how come 5 minutes before class a couple of old men come sit down facing the group of women in bathing suits bouncing around in the water? They are not staring a little now and then, they sit there, with no shame and stare. Bastards. They are not even ashamed.

The gym should remove the charid and have a policy that if you are not swimming you can't be in there. And if you did swim your laps then get the hell out. I get so upset because I can't fully work out like I want to, I feel stared at by the old perverted dudes.

I feel sore and tender in my shoulders today, last nights class was a little bit more intesnse than Monday.

I was going to the meeting in Pikesville for volunteer workers at Sinai, for cancer patients. The GPS decided to quit on me again and again, till it just kept saying it couln't find a signal, could have been the rain perhaps, so i didn't make it. Hopefully next meeting will be soon.
About GPS'. There is not one devide I have known that did NOT malfunction. My garmin quit a long time ago. The one at work is a mess. The one in Chris' phone is slow, and they are yet one additional device to carry around..
One day they will invent the awesome system camera that also is a tv, laptop, gps, phone, hairdryer, nintendo, bank, does car disgnostics, detects radar, skypes and conversates with you.


  1. My GPS is a quitter too! We call him Coleman because he has a snobby accent. He always tells us to "please turn around" or "please exit the motorway" even though we are can never trust Coleman. Or any GPS!

    And I would be angry too if a bunch of old wrinkly horny men were watching women swim around in the pool. Maybe if you speak to the management they will change the policy? Men can be pigs.

  2. Sorry to comment again - but about the australian shepherds grooming, she actually does not shed at all! we have never given her a shave, and she gets a bath every couple of weeks. she is a good size, not too big not too small.