Friday, April 9, 2010

Just got home from the Oriole's Opening game at Camden Yards!
It was chilly and windy and we lost! We also went to the mayors box, very cool.

It's Friday and the Portugise lover is making steaks!

Some figure of speaches and how they translate.

In the US you say:

"You want a piece of me?"  That would not work too good over there.. In fact it sounds lovey-dovey.

"Break a leg" Would not work out too good either. In fact it would sounds very cruel and mean. We would say "Kor hart" and that means, drive hard.

If I went there and said "This shit is bananas" they would probably not understand what bananas.
They would instead say "Det har ar grejer det" Which translates to "These are some things"

Weird like that..

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