Monday, April 12, 2010

I woke up early on Saturday and cleaned, did laundry, dishes and cooked a Finish soup my grandma used to make and still makes, it is summer soup or also called poor mans soup and is made of potato cubes, carrots, peas, onion, leak, ginger, light cream, white pepper, buillon, and bacon or any other meat. Even sausage works, the point is to use what you have, that's why it is called poor mans soup, my grandma grew up during the war, and they really had nothing.
Sometimes they coulnd't even get enough food for the whole family and had to go out and pick berries or whatever grew in the forest. She told me that for week they could sometimes only have boiled potatoes for lunch and dinner. A cup of milk for breakfast.

Because of the poor nutrition grandma and her siblings got all kinds of diseases and my grandma actually survived TBC (Tuberculosis) , but many of the other kids and peopleat the same "disease cottage" ( There were no hospitals or cars in her town) passed away. I think this is probably why I am TBC immune?

Anyways, on Saturday Chris and I went to Canton with Shelby, walked around in the nice weather, had lunch and icecream. Vaccaros!

I had an appountment for my biometrics in Baltimore today, on Thursday I am going to my next prenatal visit at Clarksville, ( I really don't see the point in these visits unless it is a sonogram..)
On May 13th, the visit after that, we are getting the full vital and gender sono. Can't wait! It is not 100% accurate but I am confident we will see something, the techinician working at this location is super good.
I had a few really good kicks last night, too bad Chris can't feel them.

The excited and hopeful grandma in Sweden is so excited . She takes her excitement  into knitting and so far she has 2 baby hoodies in a neutral color, baby socks and waiting for the gender test in May to continue with more baby clothes.

She knitted me a pair of socks and is now working on Chris' socks for when we go there. If we go there! Becaus eit will be cold then. She is planning on what to have for a baby bed in my room. I told her that the baby bed for our visit in X-mas is the least of my worries right now, but I understand it is a big deal for her.
We spoke on the phone and she gave me her thoughts on prenatals, names and all related.

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