Thursday, February 18, 2010

Took Chubby Shelby out in the nice weather for a long walk this morning. I tried to jog a little but something in my lower belly put a stop to that, it felt my organs were poking on each other.. Lots of mom's read my blog.. What is this?

Tonight is Taco Night! The Portugise lover made beef terriyaki last, and i am not really a red meat person but I ate alot, it was sooo good. Then he had his "Wednesday Play Night" with the guys, they all connect to the same game, called Call of GeekDuty and play for a few hours. Some  moths ago Chris would be sitting in the livingroom playing with his headset on, like in another world and yell, "Fuck, the dogs got me, Nick is shot, where the hell is Steve, we have communication here, Cory, they took my carepackage, they can't do anything to me when I carry this shield, give me ammo"
A neighbor could have thought there was someone getting killed in our  apartment.
He has toned down the yealling alot.. I don't hear much. So anyways, off topic..
Im getting hungry thinking about food.

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