Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I think I got the sickness/nausea part somewhat under control. I have a theory with what and when to eat, and what absolutely not to eat. It is going good so far, but it requires planning.

Dr. Davis said that it is just for such a short time if you think about it.. whats a few months really? I still say if you are not the one being nauseous then you might be able to see it as a short time. BTW he looks just like that guy Dr. Huxtable.

He also gave me the thumbs down for not taking my prenatal vitamins these past weeks. I told him they make me very sick just to think about and he said work with it, crush them, hide them in food, take them get sick, but deal with it. Then he laughed at the picture of the baby with a cigarett. I heard him laugh still when I walked out of there.

Got the date for the fetus anatomy visit and gender thingy.. so we can see for sure it's all blue baby stuff. Also, I got a new due date, Oct. 1st.

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