Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday monday.. When I left this morning and Joe and Nikki were sleeping on the couch, the lovebirds will go touring D.C today and then head back to Jersey.
We had a good weekend, Chris and I took our puppy to a pet expo on Saturday, we saw a frekin Alpacka there, since when are they pets? They are funny looking. Snakes, birds and of course dogs. Our puppy Shelby was overwhelmed with all the people, pets and smells..

joe and Nikki came to visit form Jersey, we went to Angel Bar, Ihop for breakfast on Saturday, went to the tattoomuseum, then to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore (pics will come) and dinner at Red Brick Station and then a few rounds of of Taboo last night.
My love has a bad cold and he's been sick and grumpy all weekend poor thing.

I feel maybe "a little pregnant" today, and that is good sign, I was stressing that something was wrong. Someone told me to enjoy these days without the sickness.. True that.. I have an appointment tomorrow at noon for an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok.
I'll update with news after my visit with the doctor.

For you pregnant women who suffer from sickness and are tired, be glad! Then you at least know the baby is alive and the preggo hormones are increasing.

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