Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today I want a house with a garden and lots of kids that I am naming Swedish names such as Gunnar, Gustav, Kerstin and Inga-Lill. Just kidding.

I don't know if it normal but I don't feel pregnant anymore. All the symptoms are gone.
This concerns me, I calle dmy doctor and I am going in for bloodwork and an ultrasound on Monday or Tuesday.


  1. I don't feel pregnant today, either. I think I'll go have myself checked out, too!

  2. that photo is superb.... dont get urself concerned everything will be all rgt... just breathe :)

    take care and keep writing...........

  3. Blase, if they find out that you are pegnant you will be famous.

    Thank you Thousif, I am trying to relax but I am so excited about the baby that everything that seems not right to me worries me so much :(