Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How is Chris doing? He doesn't say so much, and that is either because he is happy and excited, or a little overwhelmed. (Which is normal for men, they don't really get what's going on til they get a baby in their hands I guess) Or so scared and panicky he acts quiet and calm, and one day I will come home and he is gone. A post-it on our bed saying "Later gater".

However he is a great, yesterday he drove an hour to come see the baby on the ultrasound, then an hour back to work. He has been cooking alot. (That's gold woth!) He read the pregnancy book with me last night, he is thinking about names, when I say we need to do some cleaning he's on it. These things really make me love him even more!

Today the scale was at 109, I think those 4 lbs has gone right between my head and my waist, my bra is going to explode, good situation for Chris, neckpain for me.

Last night was gym night and I was pedaling on that bike again, reading this good book.
Thanks everyone for congratulations and well wishes!

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