Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ultrasound and a kidney shaped guy

Going to my ultrasound soon. We are going to get a little picture to bring home.
Can't wait, Chris is trying to come also.

According to online calculators and my own counting I am in week 6.
According to the emergency room ultrasound I am in week 4? It doesn't make sense, but it's all good as long as he is growing in there.

I realized this is the beginning of a lifelong never ending worry about this child. Even when he is 45 I will worry.

My mom got my Christmas card yesterday! A month and a half too late! Shame on you postal service!

UPDATE: Everything looked good, they set the preggo age to 5 weeks and 3 days now. Still earlier than I thought.
Chris and I saw our bean and got a picture to bring home. He is in a 6 cm kidney shaped bag of fluid floating around. That's not a bad life right?

The first picture of papa and baby.
I think that he doesn't understand or think so much of it yet, it's just a kidney shaped bag of fluid for him. It will be a child for him when there is a heartbeat and legs in the picture.


  1. Your blog is one of the most interesting I've seen in a long time. Cute layout too :)

  2. Oh thank you! That warms my heart :)

  3. Du har fått en utmärkelse på min blogg :)Kraaaam

  4. Omgosh, Cami!

    I've only been away from the internet for a few days and life has changed dramaticially! I'm so happy for y'all and will greedily look for all of your updates. You're wonderful!


  5. Thank You guys, you are the best!

    -Ric why can't I comment on your blog? Good music!