Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sharing the news with the "Daddy"

When I came home that Friday night I gave Chris a teddy bear holding a T-shirt that said "I heart daddy" and a little baseball outfit for an infant. The teddy bear was also holding the pregnancy test.

Ok, there are no "normal" ways of telling your significant other you're expecting. It's not like you're dishing food and say "Want some more rice? Sallad? Oh we are also having a baby.."
You can't text (Or at least I don't think that is cool) And a phonecall seems uncool also, and sounds like a prank. email.. I don't think so.

We were both in shock.
Chris opened the little outfits "What are you telling me?" He looked confused.
When he realized the big bananas he hugged me and I knew this was going to be GREAT.

We went to the gym, just like planned and I still had all these thoughts in my mind.  Is there really a person in there? There's going to be A HUMAN IN MY BODY living of me then coming out when he is ready?? Almost like an alien situation where Sigourney Weawer fights them off. Am I going to have the cutest kid in the world? Definately.

This is however everything would go as planned and well. Misscarriages and problems are more common that we think. Worry. Thinking of bad scenarios. Diseases. Bird flu, swineflu.

Then thinking if everything goes allright, what a handsome sexy man I have for a father. And smart. This can't be better. Will he look like him? Or me?

Is my belly going to be stretched out? Not mention other places? Saggy tits? Will I transform to a sweatpants wearing stressed out soccer-mom who does'nt care for the outside world?

I decided that is was worth it to have a mini-me. (I will however never turn into a sweatpants soccer-mom)

From this Friday (Jan 22) I have had that notorious morning sickness (whick btw is not morning sickness, it's ALL DAY sickness) that gets cured with something to eat.
When you feel sick you don't want to eat. But when I eat, I prefer cheeseburgers for some reason. Or anything with cheese.

I also wonder what the scale is going to shoot at these coming months.. Starting at 106.


  1. Sweetie, EVERYTHING will be alright, okay?
    Don't worry :)
    I'm so happy for you,you have no idea!
    Now go and get yourself a cookie, cause you're in for one hell of a ride!

  2. Thanks you!!! Cookie it is :)