Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Geico, speed traps, boobies

Geico gave 20 million bucks worth of equipment towards speeding surveillance last year. (Radars, cameras, etc) Traffic safety? No. They check your police register TWICE a year to see if YOU got speeding tickets, so they can make you pay more for your car insurance.

I am not saying that it is good to speed but almost ALL of us drive 5 to 15  miles faster all the time. Remember that it is easier to fight helicopter speeding tickets!

This morning I saw 2 helicopters (they are the sneaky ones) chase speeders on 95 and 295, one radar cop, and then of course all the cameras on 695.
Getting slightly paranoid that I will have some tickets come in soon. That's why I drive with the roof window open.

We had tacos last night, MMMMM so good.

Woke up early and think I'm going to work earlier also.

My boobies hurt like thousands of needles and I am thinking bout skipping the bra.
It feels like a torture chamber for the ta-ta's, so they are getting to run free today.

I shook them in front of the mirror and said RA-TA-DAA! And then got a lil surprised,  they have already changed, fuller and rounder! (This is good obviously)

(HAHAHAHA I don't expect my blogreaders to continue reading this blog much longer)


  1. Just something I learned the hard way, I let my ta-tas roam free in early pregnancy only to get nasty stretchmarks, my sister who is VERY prone to stretch marks did NOT let her ta-tas out all pregnancy had none. Word from the wise.

  2. OH! This info is worth gold!

    Going without a bra was even more torture tho, the fabric of my shirt rubbing against was sickly painful.