Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I beat kids.

Ohh it's is the Scorpio time! Manel, my step dad, Wanda, her mother and brother,Chris' niece Gabba and a few others have B-Days coming up.. Manel dear, let me know your address to campus again!

I am trying to work in the hours from Friday last week so this week will be later nights. The portuguise lover made dinner last night again.I am also trying to figure out what the best way to prepare so I can buy a home in the next few years. I really want to.. and I want to buy a fix up place where I can go crazy with my ideas and projects..

For you Swedish readers: USA is all about credit score..
Back home credit cards are bad. Here they are good. The more credit cards you have, using them and paying back the balance, the better. You collect credit score. Good credit score = Home loan.
So I am going to go get lots of credit cards now and shop like a mad man..HAHAH JK!!

This is where I look at homes.

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  1. Well dear, i think you got the address, right?

    Today's a shitty day here. My love departed to the country of G.

    NOT COOL. Axiety, yes yes.