Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not feeling good. I am so scared :(

Today is different, I don't know what it is.
People are the same, they go to lunch, they talk holiday stuff,
they bring take away food, they sneeze, they are quiet, they
are pregnant, they carry suitcases, they smell cologne, they
wear heels, they say HI, they hurry home, they type on computers, park their cars, talk on the phone, they laugh, just like they always do of course, they don't seem to know this is a bad day.
Have you ever felt like there is the entire world and then there's you?
Almost like that feeling people describe about being in a bubble.

I would wish for more balance between the ups and downs..


  1. Hey, girlie -

    Yes, just like you've described...often. It's really interesting this perspective thing, isn't it? When you're blue there's really not much that anything external to you - can do - to change the color.

    Their perspective is quite unlike yours. Buck up, cheer up, c'mon pretty girl you can do it......., but what you might want to hear is something to alter your perspective, something to un-do what's been done...?

    There are no amount of platitudes and smiles that can fix that.

    I feel for you and wish you speedy happy thoughts a-coming. What usually works for me is some time...staying healthy...more exercise...better food...and some serious fun (laugh aloud) overlaid on top of the blue.

    Hard to plan the fun, though, if you're sad for a reason that requires lament - still try though - go find some fun. You're not "selling out" on the reason you're sad - just taking a break, maybe.


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