Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Fashion is cool

I looked at the fall 2009 stuff for the stores.. Looks great! I like it for once! LOTS OF BLACK AND 80'S.
So i cut and pasted together this little collection from different stores with cool stuff.
Most of this I already have, but just don't wear bc I am lazy or can't find it in my closet djungle, but I am going to go thru my closet tonight and sort away stuff that I do not wear so maybe, maybe I'll become more stylish.

~Aviator leather jacket, oversized v-neck tee, shiny tights, ankle boots, little quilted leather purse, gladiator sandals (mine are different) the black vest, skinny jeans, metallic eyeshadows, 2 parted dresses, the black dress, sneakers or converses, metallic jewelry..

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