Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday October 4th

Biggie had her doctors appt today. She has gained 1 pound as is now 8 lbs and 12 oz. She has grown a half inch (already!!) and is 21 inches tall. She was a really good girl and did not cry for the doctor, but she got sad when they pricked her little foot to take a few drops of blood. My mommy-heart hearts when they make her cry!

The we found the Bel Air Library and made a card. I love libraries! We brought home "What to expect the first year" it is a bery useful and good book about babies (When will I find time to read?) and National Geographics documentary dvd "Haunted", right before Halloween and all to get in the spirit.

We got home and cleaned, Shelby got a bath, Papa bear came home and we went to his baskeball game! He is such a good player!! Bella was good even though it was loud in there.

We went home and made tacos, now time to go upstairs to bed and watch the Haunted Movie!!

Good night XOXO

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