Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Would humans get away with this?

Some times she makes me mad, like the other day, I am home with her all day, she gets 3 walks a day, now I left for the grocery store and was gone for 45 min, and she breakes in to the dining room, which we have blocked for her and she pees and poops all over the dining room floor.

We don't know why she does that if we leave her,  and why the dining room, she also tries to get the trashcan if we are gone.

Anyway, I am carrying groceries and my wallet in my mouth and see her in there. I know right away. And she knows too, she slowly walks away looking ashamed. I didn't even yell at her, I said "Go to bed" and she quickly ran upstairs to her bed and staid there for some time.

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