Monday, August 16, 2010

Yet again did I hear about someone back home who got a cancer diagnosis. What do you say? "Feel better soon?" "Hope all goes well" (Because if not..No one wants to mention the die word. You do not want to aknowledge it.)

And all these people are so young.. I guess we have to really really learn what it means when people say "Live your life to the fullest" the little life we have.. the things we complain about.. because tomorrow you or I might be the next. I am just baffeled by this every time I hear about another one..My mind wonders, I get afraid, start feeling if anything hurts in my body, think that I am getting closer to 30.

But soon I go on about my day, rush hour traffic, browsing radio stations, what's for dinner, oh my hips hurt, watching that Kardashian show, facebook and so on.. I decorate baby rooms and go to baby showers, it's all pink, happy, cute, blessed and sweet, eat cupcakes and sleep on that big safe arm of my man every night, and someone else is struggeling with these news, knowing what waits, a long time of hard treatment with no guarantee.

A greater appreciation for my life has definately woken up.

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