Friday, August 13, 2010

The New MD plates

I went to the MVA to fix today. I was totally misunderstanding and thougth I had to have another inspection done, but Chris told me I didn't. The MVA didn't even look at the inspection certificate. it is good to have a man who pays attention to things!

About the plates: I have seriously not seen uglier ones. Not a big problem but still. I could have designed nicer plates. I got a good easy to remember number, but the plates are still ugly.

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  1. I wish we could design our own license plates! Yes, at least your number is a good one for remembering!
    How was your time babysitting the triplets? You are going to be such a good mom! Thanks for catching up with my Thursday 10 post...I think you should do it! I disagree with you that you can't come up with any random facts! I would love to hear some from you! I'd love to post about it too! :)

    And lastly...that is sooo funny about what you typed your Aunt on messenger...whore instead of hear! Ahh, what a horrible mistake...oh wasn't your fault the keyboard didn't have dots over the letters!

    E-mail me if you want to do a ThursdayTen! I know you love them. I'd love to feature you!