Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awesome Blogs, Thank you Cards and Left Handed People

I follow alot of blogs that are just amazing. Creative and inspirational. Here's 3 goodies:

Taylor's blog: All the amazing pictures, and pictures of her art!

Love stories: 

The Paris Apartment:

I am totally in my own word, listening to some 90's hits, while drinking a room temperatured ginger ale and writing Thank You cards for Baby Shower 2. I am a leftie so I have to write using causion not to draw the ink around, and the cards are currently drying before going into the envelopes. That is the curse of lefties, writing in the direction we write, we are doomed to mess up the ink and our hand while writing.
Notice Elvis on the coffee cup supervising it all.

Speaking of left handed people; there are a few theories about what causes it.
-High doses of testosteron exposes to featus.
-Left-handed individuals were originally part of an identical twin pair.
-Random brain chemistry during developmental stages.

The Incas and Buddhists admire left handed people and believe they have special skills, while most other cultures associate it with something bad such as clumsiness.

Since we are such a minority 7-10% we have a day. Left Handed People's day is August 13th and I just realized Chris forgot to celebrate his minority girlfriend, I should expect cake and maybe mittens for next years Leftie Day.

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  1. Hej!
    Hittade dig på Familjeliv.
    Jag har hört att de kommit fram till att UL påverkar ibland och att de ser att ´mammor som varit på fler UL lättare får vänsterhänta barn.
    Sen om det är sant vet jag inte, men lite roligt tycker jag det!
    Ha det så bra!