Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost Friday

Just got back from Dr. Davis and all is good, he said I should be lucky not to have any issues with edemas, high blood pressure or bloogsugar, aches and pains and false labor contractions, he said I look great. Awesome!

Baby is still laying in breech (head up, bottom down) and if she is still that way 2 weeks from now he is going to turn her manually (rotate her with his hands on my belly) while guided by ultrasound. ( it would be really nice to get an ultrasound again!) And when she is head down she is ready to come out. He is working in the delivery the day of my estimated due date but most people do not deliver on that date so it could be any of the doctors at CWC.

Look at the skinny little leg. One of my favorite pictures ever. Chris looks the exact same when he sleeps, 26 years later.

We have also picked out the name Isabella. She is going to be Isabella "middlename" da Rosa, the prettiest name I've ever heard. Any suggestions for that middlename? 

Also, any ideas for Thank You gifts for my Baby Shower hostesses?

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