Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So much to do.

At work and home.. Chris get's frustrated with things that are not done. I tell him it takes time to get your home the way you want it, room by room, sometimes weeks go between rooms also. We are not going in the speed he'd like to, and there are other things that take my time, food has to be cooked every day, laundry, ( I've totally lost my laundry routine lately) puppy has to go out, floors cleaned, plants and flowers watered, bills, mail, cleaning etc, etc, I have a parttime job, I drive 2 hours a day, I am tired, I need to sleep because baby wears me out.

So I get frustrated when he gets frustrated when we are not progressing as fast as he'd like to and we go to bed tired and grumpy.

He is however really ambitious with the kitchen cabinets and works on them downstairs in the basement like no other, handyman. The cabinets are sanded and then painted black, they were cherry-wood colored from start, and that was not so attaractive. The black cabinets and knobs on them are going to look so nice!

What kitchen do you like?


  1. I love the last picture! That kitchen is so cute! I don't know if Chris would like it, it's kind of girlie! Things like homemaking are difficult...they take a LONG time! It is a process that never truly ends, really! But once you get the basics down, like painting, cabinets, etc. you will be able to enjoy it immensely. I am sure you're exhausted because of everything! Don't feel bad about taking it easy, you deserve to! Also, I am so glad I finally became your friend on facebooK!

  2. The first one :) How are you?

  3. Chris is definately kitchen nr 1 guy.
    Glad to have you on facebook now!