Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doctors visit and Au Pair training

Today I had one of my prenatal visits and everything was fine with baby, she is growing just like suppose to, her heartbeat is good and she moves perfect.
From now on I am going in every 2 weeks for check ups. Today I had to do the glucosis testing, they had me drink a bottle of liquid sugar, it was discusting and sticky, and I haven't been hungry at all after that.
The point is to expose your body for a high level of sugar, and test for pregnancy diabetes, dangerous for mommy and baby.

I forgot to tell, I applied for a Au Pair cordinator job and started today.
Au Pair is a foreign nanny/school program regulated by the State Department. There are thousands of Au Pairs in USA at the moments, they are from all over the world and USA is the most popular country to be an Au Pair in, but Au Pairs also go to other places such as Australia and European countries.

If this works out with the family and the Au Pair it is great for everyone! Many times it doesn't and there are issues between the two, and they need a mediator. Sometimes they just need someone to make sure rules and laws are followed.. The bad examples that I personally have heard of is a girl being locked in the familys basement, they were very religious and did not want her to go out on the weekends. Another scenario was an Au Pair that was just not happy with anyone or anything and ended up leaving one day without telling the family. The fmaily discovered this upon coming home from work at night. I've heard stories about crashing cars, stealing, romances between the host dad and the Au Pair.. Juicy!

My area of cordination is Baltimore and surroundings, this will be interesting! It also gives me a chance to work from home alot, perfect for when baby comes!


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