Friday, June 4, 2010

Wrong number!

Everytime I open my email I have like 12 emails from dating sites, such, christiansinglesnet. com, dating experts news letters, topdatinginbigcities, and all kinds of crap, someone must have signed me up for all of this? It is kind of funny tho.

My old number used to be printed in a hospital phonebook by mistake.. A doctors number was printed with a typo and I had nurses call me night times asking where I was and I told them they had the wrong number and they asked who I was and why I was answering his phone. Once I think the wifey called.
Once I had 3 missed calls between 2 and 4 am and an upset voicemail saying "You best pick up your phone or this will have consequenses" I had to call this nurse back and tell her that if it was important she had to try to search for him at a different number, this was not to the doctor. The nurse said "Then what are you calling me for? I didn't ask to speak to you! I got things to do!"

I have since then changed my number but now there's a drug dealer or something giving out the wrong number to customers. Every now and then this old wreck to lady calls me asking to buy stuff, I tell her I am not who she is looking for, she rants about how she needs it and that she has some cash this time and she would apprciate to meet up. I still tell her no and she apologized, we hang up and she calls me 5 minutes later again, same thing. Today another person, high and intoxicated, called.

That is how I knowt is Friday my friends. Baltimore needs the weekend goods.

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  1. Oh my god! That's really strange, what are the odds of that? It is sort of funny in a way, but it must get on your nerves some times dealing with drunk or high people. Especially on the phone! I am always embarrassed when I dial the wrong number, especially more than once!