Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Java Wall that turned Olive.

The red wall. I know there are red paint lovers out t here but this paint job was bad, its was uneven, and didn't match too good with the walls.

Step 1. Tape, cover and prime. Being tall comes in handy.

Prime some more and let dry.

Preggo's and puppies wear masks to avoid toxic fumes.

Crack the can of Eddie Bauer "Java". Brown grayish.

See the paint appear green. Say: "It will be Java when it dries of course"

Watch your man paint.

The finished product. Chris also put up new light fixtures and outlet covers and we stained the fireplace mantel. We are happy with our green wall, it matches nice with the couces we got from jon and Wanda.


  1. Indeed, I like this lovely colour of green, too!


  2. This is a really great choice! It is timeless and it goes with a lot of things. You'll never have to worry about your furniture & decor "clashing" with the wall. Hope you've been doing well!